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CN-106222101-A: High-temperature-resistant strain for producing high-purity fructose at high temperature in one step through efficient utilization of jerusalem artichoke and application of high-temperature-resistant strain patent, CN-106224379-A: Printing press bearing with bearing shaft firmly fixed patent, CN-106224446-A: 汽车方向传感器以及汽车 patent, CN-106225050-A: System used for heating through solar and electromagnetic heating and having heat storage function as well as method patent, CN-106226016-A: 全自由度轨道模拟器 patent, CN-106226555-A: High-temperature resistant quartz flexure accelerometer patent, CN-106227482-A: Game image refreshing control method and relative device patent, CN-106227687-A: Plug-and-play terminal device in test data acquisition system patent, CN-106227833-A: Block chain search engine method, system and device patent, CN-106227908-A: Method and device for establishing storable space lifting model patent, CN-106228335-A: Human resource management system patent, CN-106230007-A: 一种微电网储能优化调度方法 patent, CN-106230095-A: Collecting and charging combined device capable of providing power supply in environment-friendly mode patent, CN-106231031-A: 一种自冷却手机支架 patent, CN-106231455-A: Convenient-to-use microphone rack patent, CN-106233076-A: Outdoor unit of air conditioner, cooling unit applied thereto, and method for manufacturing cooling unit patent, CN-106233514-A: Binder for lithium cell patent, CN-106233611-A: 用于多相电机中星形‑三角转换的开关装置 patent, CN-106233695-A: Apparatus and method for managing client devices patent, CN-1062346-A: 氯化琥珀胆碱合成新工艺 patent, CN-106235009-A: Artemisia apiacea hance health rice crust patent, CN-106235713-A: Chair Assembly patent, CN-106236659-A: 一种去屑控油洗发水 patent, CN-106237516-A: Rechargeable implantable medical device patent, CN-1062377-A: 防蚊香皂 patent, CN-106241187-A: 一种芳纶网防撕裂pvg整芯阻燃输送带 patent, CN-106241430-A: 智能侧卸机 patent, CN-106242482-A: 高流动度吹填海泥防渗固化材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106242700-A: Compound fertilizer for rice patent, CN-106243546-A: 一种纳米二氧化钛改性的聚氯乙烯材料及制备方法 patent, CN-106246927-A: 改进结构的阀门组件 patent, CN-106247369-A: Recycling device for desulfuration and regeneration released gas of ammonia synthesis system and recycling method patent, CN-106247548-A: 一种定频空调机组的控制方法 patent, CN-106249237-A: 一种曲线轨迹下大斜视sar频域成像方法 patent, CN-106250053-A: Data storage apparatus and dynamic memory distribution method patent, CN-106251084-A: Production plan execution management system and production plan execution management method based on computer software application patent, CN-106251183-A: Automatic clothes experiencing device and system patent, CN-106253634-A: Method of designing integrated power supply for photoionization gas alarm patent, CN-106253687-A: Isolated DCDC inverter circuit patent, CN-106253901-A: 模拟数字转换装置及相关的校准方法及校准模块 patent, CN-106254041-A: Data transmission method and device and data reception method and device patent, CN-106254160-A: 一种数据链系统组网方法 patent, CN-106254395-A: Data filtering method and system patent, CN-106254568-A: 一种基于调度数据网的电力域名管理方法 patent, CN-106255184-A: 一种数据传输方法及终端设备 patent, CN-106255733-A: 粘着片和光学部件 patent, CN-106256512-A: 包括机器视觉的机器人装置 patent, CN-106257033-A: 一种发动机盖用密封垫 patent, CN-106258662-A: 一种柑桔红蜘蛛的防治方法 patent, CN-106258917-A: Plastic flower and pot capable of culturing fishes and flowers patent, CN-106259829-A: Natural anti-blackening agent and preparation method thereof, and application of natural anti-blackening agent to preservation of Penaeus vannamei patent, CN-106260265-A: Production method of dried tangerine peels patent, CN-106260553-A: Health nutritional additive for poultries patent, CN-106261233-A: Fermentation type phyllanthus emblica L. and P.pyrifalia (Burm.f) Nakai cv.Jinzhuguo compound beverage and making technology thereof patent, CN-106261264-A: 一种发酵型奇异果金珠果复合饮料及其制备工艺 patent, CN-106261682-A: 一种凤眼果仁糕及其加工方法 patent, CN-106262044-A: 一种海带的加工方法 patent, CN-106262457-A: 一种山芋黑松子羹及其制作方法 patent, CN-106263195-A: Multi-layer net black-out cloth fabric with insulating fabric layer patent, CN-106263391-A: Electric-shock-preventing and anti-lost storage type pearl bag patent, CN-106263518-A: Combined type special-shaped office desk patent, CN-106264080-A: 烹调系统 patent, CN-106264125-A: 豆浆机 patent, CN-106264679-A: Toggle switch device and ring apparatus patent, CN-106265813-A: 一种牛蒡根总黄酮的提取方法 patent, CN-106265993-A: 一种治疗慢性心力衰竭而引起的心悸、气短的中药组合物 patent, CN-106266087-A: 一种清热解毒白花蛇舌草饮片及其制备方法 patent, CN-106266659-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating kidney stone patent, CN-106266660-A: Composition for treating persistent vacuity sweating patent, CN-106267205-A: 一种金/季碳点核壳纳米复合材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106268355-A: Asymmetric ultra-hydrophilic/hydrophobic dual-property polymer membrane and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106269275-A: 一种瓷土矿除铁增白浮选捕收剂及其应用 patent, CN-106269319-A: Tractive water spraying device for garden lawn patent, CN-106271781-A: Machine tool for machining internal hole of connection rod patent, CN-106275181-A: Three wheels of tricycle patent, CN-106275441-A: 一种大颗粒物料定时定点播撒装置 patent, CN-106275477-A: 航空器 patent, CN-106275987-A: Novel garbage transport vehicle can overturning device patent, CN-106276674-A: 用于电梯应用的电磁制动器控制电路 patent, CN-106276711-A: Triple-protection chain type lifting AGV patent, CN-106279079-A: 一种穿心莲内酯盐酸盐的制备方法 patent, CN-106279775-A: Preparation methods for difficult-flammability celluloid raw material, and plates, bars and industrial products thereof patent, CN-106280022-A: 一种高耐磨三元乙丙橡胶 patent, CN-106281010-A: PU (polyurethane) leather side oil and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106281549-A: 一种防腐易燃的锯末基生物质颗粒及其制作方法 patent, CN-106281605-A: 一种电机轴轮专用环保润滑油的制备方法 patent, CN-106281688-A: Method for preparing tobacco flavor from pineapple extract and aromatic beta-amino acids patent, CN-106283648-A: Sizing technology of towel fabric yarn patent, CN-106284609-A: 一种升降型地沟盖板结构 patent, CN-106285245-A: 一种用于城市轨道车辆、公交车辆门系统的锁闭装置 patent, CN-106285747-A: 锚杆组件和具有其的锚固装置 patent, CN-106286784-A: Gear driving mechanism patent, CN-106287896-A: 一种三联供换热机组 patent, CN-106289562-A: Telescopic PTC surface thermometer patent, CN-106290475-A: Self-selectively modified nano wire biosensor and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106291616-A: 时空混沌矢量伪随机码发生器偏移载波调制方法和系统 patent, CN-106291742-A: Portable detection and scanning device patent, CN-106292093-A: Three-dimensional display unit, three-dimensional display system and driving voltage adjusting method patent, CN-106293246-A: Touch screen, manufacturing method thereof and display device patent, CN-106293754-A: Novel automatic control software technology patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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